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Al Madina Masjid

As Salamu Alaykum - Welcome to our Masjid web site. This site is primarily created for and maintained by the Muslim community of Bonita Springs, Florida and surrounding areas. We will try our best to keep the information as current as possible. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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This is Picnic week! Come join us for fun and feast! We're starting at 5:00 PM on Sunday 12/6/2015
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Iqamah Times
Fajr6:30 AM
Maghrib6:30 PM
Isha7:30 PM
Khutbah1:30 PM
Jamah2:00 PM

Random Verse

فَاعْتَرَفُوا بِذَنْبِهِمْ فَسُحْقًا لِأَصْحَابِ السَّعِيرِ
They will then confess their sins: but far will be (Forgiveness) from the Companions of the Blazing Fire!
-Quran (67 :11)
  سورة الملك   
Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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